Our 35,000 m2 (285,000 sq. ft.) facility has been at the heart of British Automotive Industry since 1899, and has a unique capability rarely found outside of the OEM’s.

Supporting our Design and Engineering Office in the UK is a Prototype and Low Volume plant that gives us a significant advantage over any potential competitors.

We¬†are able to design and engineer a component and the tooling required to produce it, we can then manufacture both of these ‘in house’. This may be a small component or a fully built body shell. Some of our key assets are as follows:


  • 1300 and 600 ton hydraulic presses, able to form any automotive panels
  • CCA have 13 (3 and 5 axis) machines capable of producing tools for the largest components such as bodysides, doors, roof panels for limousines and truck cab floors.
  • 18M long 5 Axis CNC machining facility capable of producing the largest required design properties
  • A twin cell 5 axis laser facility able to produce full body side panels
  • Laser tracking measurement equipment able to measure a 60m radius